High Density Inc. has used shelving in various quantities and sizes and often used mobile shelving systems are available for purchase and installation.  When firms have stringent and limiting budgets, used shelving may be a viable alternative to those individuals that can accept less than a perfect finish. Obviously, it would be impractical to utilize used shelving if structural integrity is compromised due to lack of all the parts needed to complete the units, as safety is always of prime consideration when using products that are not factory new and fabricated for a particular design. Does your company want all options explored on a cost sensitive large project?  High density Inc. can be of assistance.  Are you willing to accept major and minor imperfections in the finish of the used storage shelving or mobile shelving? Used shelving and pallet racks are available from our West Coast, and Eastern United States warehouses. Once a floor plan is developed and approved, our stock of used shelving is checked and compared to the CAD design and list of materials needed.

Although used shelving or anything used for your facility, may not be as desirable as new storage equipment, please keep in mind that used storage equipment is made of the sturdiest steel   and other than environmental rust or finish wear is the only difference from brand new shelving. Used industrial shelving, or used office shelving is a perfectly logical choice if your firm has a green initiative. Preserving our earth’s resources and positively contributing to our natural environment clean is a great reason to use recycled used shelving. Cost savings will obviously be substantial, and the dollars can go to your firm’s bottom line or channeled to other projects.

At High Density Inc. doing what best for your budget, can also translate to doing what’s best for our planet. During the economic meltdown that continues for most companies, a vast supply of used shelving has been collected in our storage facilities .Quality manufacturers of material handling equipment such as Interlake Mecalux , fabricate racking that will endure years of rugged use and maintains structural integrity.

From a doctor’s clinic to a huge warehouse High Density Inc. is sole source for service and sales of used shelving as well as new shelving systems for companies and government offices. Implementing a new shelving project is easier and more efficient due to standard new parts, but used shelving and pallet racking   will perform flawlessly for a lifetime. High density Inc. consultants can help you make the best decision based on your limited budget and storage needs

Used industrial shelving can be up to 35% less costly than new shelving. Our supply certified used shelving updates regularly as clients “trade up” their shelving equipment new systems. In many situations, the used storage equipment can be worked into the new proposed design, and large dollar savings can be realized.