Types of pallet Racking

Pallet racking are specialized storage systems that have been designed specifically to store materials on top on “skids’ or pellets. There are many types of pallet racks that are available in the market. High density Inc. has the best types of pallet rack storage systems that have been especially designed with space saving in mind. Even though there are many types of pallet rack systems, they all have one common feature, which is: Each type of pallet rack system specified is specifically designed for the space, media, and access needs of the end user who is using the pallet rack.


Upright columns:

The upright columns of the Pallet racking are able to bear the weight of the entire pallet racking system. The weight of the system is actually distributed with the help of the beams. In this manner the overall safety of the system is guaranteed and the system also performs optimally. Each upright column of this system is manufactured to optimized weight bearing structure, due to which they system has a strong weight bearing capacity and excellent torsion resistance as well. The system also consists of lateral holes present on the upright columns that help transfer load vertically downwards. These holes are used to mount beams into the upright columns. The beam is not wedged rather, it is properly connected therefore the side-loads wont bear the uprights down though the side connector.

Uses of pallet racking:

Pallet racking can be used as the ideal storage solutions for industries and ware houses. There are many types of pallet racking systems and you can select the type that most suits your industrial requirements. Some systems require a fork lift in order to stock and unload items, while others have designs such as the cantilever design or the conventional design which does not need a forklift. High Density Inc. has the most innovative designs in pallet racking that are available today. There are also pallet racking systems such as the selective pallet racking system that is most commonly used today. The advantage of the selective pallet racking system is that it provides a much greater accessibility to all the items that are stored. This is beneficial if constant stocking and restocking is required. These pallet racking systems are ideal for retail centers, cold storage facilities and also wholesale markets.