Push Back Pallet Racking

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Push back pallet racking systems organize space by utilizing the depth of shelves instead of the width. The depth arrangement actually reduces the aisle space greatly and increases storage considerably. Each bay is up to five-six pallets deep with the help of this configuration. The pallets are also stored on carts with wheels that fit on rails. The rails are fitted on an angle that allows gravity to move the heavy pallets forward. This saves tremendous amounts of energy as well. The pallets are moved with the help of a forklift that sets the pallets. When a pallet is placed with the help of a forklift, it bumps the pallet next to it and causes the entire row of pallets to move backwards.

They work on the Last in First Out principle (LIFO) and the item that is stored last will be the first to come out. When the pallets are being removed, usually from the front position, the pallets that are remaining stage themselves forward immediately. This enables the next available pallet to be accessed. High Density Inc. has a huge selection of pallet racking options for you to choose from, including push back pallet racking.

How does the Push Back pallet racking system work?

The Pallets are placed with the help of a forklift on carts riding on rails that are inclined. Each pallet is pushed back by the loading of the subsequent pallet which exposes the next cart. When the products are being removed, the forklift removes the pallet right in the front which allows the pallets that are behind to gently roll to the front of the rack due to the force of gravity as the rails are inclined. The carts are nested, which makes the retrieval and placement easy as well. Push back pallet racking systems are ideal for storing products that have a medium turnover.

The push back pallet racking system tends to fill the storage cubes with products and eliminates aisles. These racks differ from single pallet selective racks and allow you to store two to five and even six pallets deep and maintain easy access to a variety of SKU at the same time.

Advantages of a push-back rack system:

  • Better utilization of the ware house space as the push back pallet racking systems offers up to 90% more storage space than selective pallet rack systems.
  • They enable the storage of a variety of SKUs on many different levels which provide easy product access.
  • Interlocking carts also help prevent dangerous jamming and product damage which can be costly.
  • The push back rack system has a higher storage density which is coupled with selectivity for faster picking rates.
  • Easy visual inventory is possible with the help of color coded racks.
  • Large targets for unloading and loading.
  • By filling the vertical cube the system maximizes the space utilization.
  • The inventory is stored on the “Last in, first out” principle.
  • Each level is independently accessible unlike drive-in pallet racks.
  • The space is utilized in the best possible way.
  • Height space is hardly wasted at all.