Pallet Racking Parts and accessories

Efficient storage and retrieval of goods in storage facilities can be accomplished through pallet racking. If manufacturers want to maximize their storage capacity, pallet racks are ideal installations and they are not very expensive either. Pallet racking systems are very easy to assemble and are very durable and long lasting as well. Most pallet racking systems have many accessories that help making your storage even more efficient. Pallet racking systems are also built to last very long, so you don’t have to keep installing new systems.

Pallet racking accessories include step beams, upright frames, protector shields, wire decks and many more. High density inc. has a huge collection of pallet racking systems and their accessories. Pallet racking systems found here are precision manufactured and are in accordance with the standards of the industry. These systems are made in accordance to very stringent quality control and safety standards as well.

Pallet Racking Parts and Accessories:

To fully understand and appreciate your pallet racking system it is best to learn a bit about the parts and accessories that make this system work. Pallet racking accessories and parts include:

Column Guards:

The column guard is usually bolted to the ground right in front of the uprights and it provides protection from fork-lifts to the lowest part of the upright beams.

Pallet Support Bars:

Pallet support bars are supported by the beams at each end.  The bars are designed so that they have their top surface approximately positioned with the beams

Pallet Support Beams:

Pallet support beams provide a support member that is secondary for pallet shelving or racking.

Pallets Mesh Decks:

Wire mesh decks are usually clip-on. These mesh decks minimize the buildup of dust and increase visibility and light in warehouses or other storage spaces.


Uprights are usually heavy duty and they offer greater amount of resistance. Due to this greater amount of resistance, there is less torque and a greater resistance is also offered to damage by forklifts. Rack reinforcements are available that usually increase the life of your racks.

Upright frames:

Upright frames are constructed of two columns usually joined together by horizontal and diagonal steel bracing.

Step Beams:

Step beams are usually color coded so that lift truck or fork lift drivers can easy identify the beam level at the highest elevations.

Safety Lock:

Safety locks are usually present with step beams which guarantee the correct positioning of the beam and also help in preventing the beam getting accidentally dislodged.  The safety locks are usually fitted to the step beam connectors when they are being packaged.

With pallet racks from High Density Inc. you can get rack versatility and also compatibility with any storage space. A more efficient storage system is established with the help of pallet racking.

High Density Inc. offers reliable and sturdy pallet racking for high density storage which is used in a huge variety of industries which include retail storage, industrial storage and cold storage. Products can be stored very easily and can also be moved easily when needed.