Mobile Pallet Racking

High Density Inc. has some of the most state of the art mobile pallet racking and space saving solutions available. With the help of mobile pallet racking, the ware house storage capacity for the overall number of pallets increases dramatically and direct access to each pallet is also not lost. These systems are unique and can be designed to be functioned:

  • Manually
  • By remote control
  • Or also be controlled by a computer

These systems are designed to use the available storage space to its maximum capacity. By installing mobilized pallet rack systems for ware houses or industries, you can double the storage capacity of your ware house or storage area within the same floor space area. These are ideal for ware houses, industries and cold storages.

How Do Mobile Pallet Racking Systems Save Space?

Mobile pallet racking help in saving space by converting static aisles that are usually used for access into even more productive storage space. What the system actually does is that it mobilizes the pallet rack storage system by mounting the rack system onto a heavy duty rolling carriage which moves with the help of floor tracks. This way a moveable, floating access aisle can be created. Usually warehouses have dozens of static access aisles, and a limited number of forklifts that can access the materials, usually just one or two.

With the help of mobile pallet racking, you can fulfill your storage requirements by utilizing your static access aisles, and save tremendous amounts of time. The mobile pallet rack system can be accessed manually, through a remote control or also through computer programming. The mobile pallet rack bases generally have motors and sliders along with several safety systems that guarantee safe and very efficient operations. All sorts of mobilized pallet racking systems are available at High Density Inc.

Advantages of mobile pallet racking systems:

The flowing are some advantages of mobilized pallet racking systems:

1.    Eliminates the need of a new storage facility:

Mobile pallet racking systems help business fulfill their storage requirements in one facility and reduce the need of auxiliary ware houses and building expansions.

2.    Reduce costs:

These systems also reduce new building construction costs and also decrease the ongoing costs of operations which include energy, lighting and insurance. All of this is done simply by expanding the existing storage space.

3. Are a cost effective storage solution:

Mobile pallet rack systems are especially cost effective for those businesses in which storage is very expensive such as cold storages. These systems are optimal for both types of cold stores that is refrigeration and also freezer types.

4.    Increase storage capacity:

These systems increase existing ware house capacities by utilizing the static aisles that are usually used for access. The best advantage is that even though the static access aisles are utilized, direct access to items is not lost and individual access aisles are also eliminated. The storage capacity of warehouses and other storage facilities such as cold storage facilities are also increased up to 80%.