Live Pallet Racking

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The live pallet racking system is fitted with a flow rack that is slightly inclined to allow the pallets to slide down due to gravity. This allows pallets to slide over the roller tracks. The pallets move by the force of gravity as they are placed on the highest part of the rolling section. The speed at which the palletized goods roll down is controlled so that the pallets don’t get damaged. The pallets also remain in their place until they are ready to be moved. Stored products are also rotated perfectly with the help of live storage.

Live pallet racking is ideal for:

  • Ware houses with perishable goods
  • Intermediate ware houses that are located between two working zones
  • In dispatch areas that require quick removal of pallets
  • Holding ware houses

How does the live pallet racking system work?

Live pallet racking follows the FIFO or the First in First Out system. The Fist in First Out system makes sure products with a relatively small shelf life are also rotated early. This system ensures that the pallet that first went in is the first that is taken out. Once the pallet is taken out, other pallets move in to take its place, and this way the preceding pallet always comes to the front. The system is ideal for storing perishable palletized goods. Ware houses and cold stores that store perishable items can benefit greatly from this system. This system can also be utilized in any other distribution business and also in industries including food, car, chemical and pharmaceutical companies. High Density Inc. has a huge range of pallet racking systems for you to choose from.

Advantages of live pallet racking:

Enables ideal pallet turnover:

The Fist in First Out (FIFO) system makes sure that the pallets are turned over perfectly. The system ensures that the pallet that went in first is the first one to come out of the other end. This way palletized products that have an expiry date can easily be rotated first.

Compact storage system:

The storage system is compact which allows the maximum capacity of palletized goods to be stored. The system does not waste any extra space, rather it utilizes all available space for storage.

Saves time and space in the handling of pallets:

Since the system allows a better organization of warehouses and uses space to its maximum capacity, it saves time and space. This also reduced man power required to handle the goods and increases over all efficiency. The number of aisles that are needed are also fewer, which also considerably increases the overall storage capacity of a single facility.

Enables excellent control of stock:

Live pallet storage systems enable excellent stock control as well with the help of the First in First Out system. The backup stock is also stored in the lanes facilitating the processing of orders.

Reduces overall costs:

As the system does not require too much lighting it reduces energy costs. Only the loading and unloading areas require lighting. Since the system uses up the storage space effectively, additional storage facilities are not needed.