Drive-In Pallet Racking

Drives in Pallet Racking systems are able to help you utilize space to your best advantage. These smart racking systems also help you organize your merchandise and stocked items in a convenient way. There are many types of pallet racking systems available at High Density Inc. Drive-In pallet rack systems are a type of pallet racking that also offers the maximum use of the space that is available to you in terms of both height and area. These systems are mostly used in cold storages.

What are drive-in pallet rack systems?

In a drive-in pallet rack system the pallets are set into place along the rail system at a single pallet level and accessed with the help of a fork lift. In such a system, the loading and un-loading of the pallets needs to be done in a specified manner. For the system to work effectively, the pallets should be loaded and un-loaded either top to bottom or back to front.

This type of pallet racking is usually designed for storing homogenous products. It also accumulates a very large number of pallets for each and every SKU.

Features of drive in pallet rack system:

The biggest advantage that the drive-in pallet rack system offers is that it is able to utilize the available space to its maximum advantage. About 85% of the space available can be utilized with the help of this system. This is done by the complete elimination of the aisles that are present between the pallet racking.

The system is also based on the principle of storage by accumulation. This principle enables the system to utilize the available space to its maximum advantage in terms of both height and area.

Advantages of Drive-in Pallet Racking:


  • Maximum utilization of the space available (up to 85%).
  • Removal of  the aisles between ranking
  • Complete control of exits and entries.
  • The system allows as many SKU’s as the loading lanes.

Types of drive in pallet rack systems:

There are two types of drive in pallet rack systems available, these are:

  • Drive- in system with one access aisle, this system allows access only on one side of the aisle.
  • Drive- through system which allows access to load from both the sides of the pallet racking.

The drive through pallet rack system is especially advantageous for those products that usually have a shelf life or expiration date. This is because the first pallet which is placed in a single row is usually the first pallet which is taken out (based on the first in first out principle).

The drive-in pallet rack system is most frequently used in cold storages that require freezing and refrigeration. Usually this system is best for storages of temperature controlled products. The system enables companies to store their cold storage items in a single place by using up to 85% of the space available. This eliminates the need of renting out additional space. High Density Inc. has a deep selection of Drive-in pallet rack systems available.