High Density Inc.’s   office shelving is typically specified with durability and a clean modern look to complement systems furniture. Most firms opt for a 4-Post design and components such as reference shelves and adjustable file dividers are specified to make the office shelving productive for file clerks and workflow. Manufacturers offer 18 and 20 gauge steel shelves, so it is appropriate to do a weight capacity analysis before selecting office shelving for your application. Reinforcements can be installed under the shelves to further add strength and durability to the office shelving.

High Density Inc. office shelving is supplied with closed uprights between each of the units. This creates structural rigidity to the shelving, as well as walled divider between the shelves for clean organization of the supplies or files. A base can be ordered and installed to enhance the overall look, and also conceal the hardware needed to anchor the office shelving to the floors. In California, all office shelving must be firmly secured to either floors or walls. Our factory trained installers carefully follow the CAD plan that was developed by our experienced space planners who are familiar with building and fire codes.

Office shelving can be utilized to store files, supplies, books, boxes and large or bulky items. During the onsite survey, a High Density Inc. representative will carefully measure all commodities, as well as do a detailed floor plan of your storage space. The correct depth and clearance between the shelves is highly important so enough space is allowed to store items with ought impediments.

Office shelving that is well built will give many years of service, and in fact all High Density Inc. storage products have a lifetime warranty if manufacturer guidelines are adhered to. Our 4-Post office shelving is always in stock and decorative laminate end panels are available to enhance their functional utility. Although, your shelving needs may require a simple stationary row, all of our shelving can be utilized for mobile shelving applications at a later date, if space becomes a premium in your business.

Office shelving units can be equipped with lockable doors, storage and filing drawers, and come in single face and double-depth units. Our 4-Post shelving is engineered for stability and rugged functionality, and all shelves are constructed utilizing cold –rolled steel and the uprights are always welded for strength to support heavy loads. High Density Inc. shelving can easily be disassembled and reassembled which gives it lasting value should your department of company need to relocate. Convenient reconfiguration of the shelving is insured should your office shelving and storage need change.