Powered Mobile Shelving systems

Powered Mobile Shelving systems make for ease of access to rolling shelves with heavy loads. End users can select the row of storage shelving they want to open, and no physical energy in turning a wheel, or pushing a row is required by them. If constant access is essential, by many departmental staff, an electrically operated mobile shelving system might be the best selection for your storage needs. The fact is: technology has made the cost of these powered Mobile Shelving systems to be more affordable than ever before, with improved flexibility and accessory options. The system is based entirely on your requirements and needs, which means that it does not involve spending extra money on options that you do not require. You can specify your powered mobile system based on the storage density you need and the space that is available to you. High Density Inc. is one of the leading companies in the field of high density storage systems. Call 1 877 HI DENSITY for a free on site survey at your facility.


Features of powered mobile storage systems:

  • You can select the perfect system for your needs from a variety of different colors, as well as finishes. The system can also be customized according to the needs of our clients, and can be made complementing the aesthetics of the environment where they will be placed.
  • Another feature is the addition of overhead lights in the storage system which not only makes it look better, but also enhances the visibility for workers. The lighting system is automatic and switches on as soon as the aisle is opened.
  • All types of shelving or cabinets for storage can be fabricated on an electric powered mobile storage system, which include preexisting cabinets, filing shelving, library shelving, engineering cabinets, museum cabinets, legal shelving, and just about any type you can think of. This means that instead of discarding old storage fixtures, we can simply incorporate or mount them onto the powered mobile storage system, which enhances the storage density without any additional cost.
  • Once installed, you can easily reconfigure the entire system if you require it. The entire system can be changed and rebuilt according to your needs. The easy upgrading and reconfiguring feature comes from the fact that the system is based on a modular design, which means that you can keep upgrading the system based on whatever features you might need in the future.
  • It is more flexible than other storage systems as well which makes it completely versatile, and provides you with maximum storage density, the power to reconfigure the design constantly, as well as the best prices in the industry.
  • Powered Mobile Shelving systems have an inbuilt system with sensor that can detect spacing. This automatically improves the overall reliability of the system, and also helps in protecting the contents that are stored in it.

Safety and security:

The entire system has been constructed to be completely safe with the help of in aisle safety systems. These comprise of different sensors which function on mechanical or photoelectric systems to provide optimal safety.

In order to protect the contents that you store within the system, another impressive feature has been incorporated in these systems to prevent the access to the contents by unauthorized personnel. The system comes with a Touchpad, as well as a control based on key switches, depending on the requirement of the client. The security system of this storage unit can also be customized if automatic locking is required when the aisle closes.