Mobile Shelving for Hospitals

Mobile shelving systems help hospitals, clinics and pharmacies increase storage capacity and save floor space

Mobile Shelving for Hospital and clinics is essential due to the explosive growth in patient records and hospital supplies required in a limited amount of space. Conventional storage shelving and cabinets are very limited due to the amount of aisle space needed for them, and especially when the premises are small and the storage need is large. These organizations and institutions that grow constantly require an effective storage solution that does not require too much space, does not cost a great deal, and at the same time has the capacity to increase the overall storage density of the area. High Density Inc. specializes in the storage needs of the medical market, and has OSHPOD approval on most systems and storage items we specify and install. We supply OPA numbers that have pre-approval for California hospitals.

Storage requirements of hospitals:

Hospitals have complex and space limited options with regard to records and supplies.

Thousands and often millions of charts must be stored due to state and federal laws for many years. With a patient inflow of thousands, these hospitals require an effective storage system that can keep all important documents organized in an orderly fashion without taking up too much space. It is for this reason that many old hospitals are now undergoing restructuring projects, and are considering the installation of the latest shelving and storage systems for all the documentation such as high density mobile shelving.

Mobile shelving is the ideal storage system for hospitals that require organization of all patient records without using excessive space. These systems also allow the documents to remain safe and unharmed, and hence can be stored for long durations of time no matter how old or delicate they may be.

Hospitals and pharmacies can benefit greatly from high density mobile shelving. There are many types of mobile shelving options available for hospitals such as manual mobile shelving, electric powered mobile shelving, high density lateral shelving and many more. High Density Inc. has the ideal storage solutions for your business.

Why are mobile shelving systems a great storage option?

Mobile shelving systems are not just designed to serve the purpose of effective storage, but are also required for the prompt retrieval of items and documents that are frequently needed. They enhance the total available floor space and provide users with perhaps the most ideal form of accessibility to all the required documents or items which it stores. They can effectively double or triple the total storage density of an area.

There are various places where these mobile shelving systems can be ideally used which include public and private libraries, museums, retail stores, offices, schools, universities and especially hospitals.

They allow for the more effective means of saving space in a restricted and limited environment while simultaneously solving all storage problems. All that stands between you and the item you require is the slight movement of the mobile shelving units away from each other.

There are different varieties of mobile shelving units that are available today, the popular ones include manually operated pull handle types, those that function mechanically, and the latest and most advanced ones that are electrically operated.