Mobile Shelving Benefits

Some of the major advantages and benefits of using movable shelving   or mobile shelving include:

1- Easy and convenient installation by High Density Inc. trained installers who are factory trained and knowledgeable in both equipment installation and local building codes.
2- Complete reliability and safety is engineered into all mobile shelving and all accessories and parts of the custom manufactured system.
3- Can be easily upgraded and expanded as new types of media or capacity increases.
4- Mobile Shelving can be dismantled and reconfigured in case of moving to new locations.
5-Can be moved to new locations within your building or transported and reassembled to a company satellite office.
6- High security features can be built into the mobile shelving with the addition of lockable doors and floor or carriage lock. Electrical Powered mobile shelving has many security features which controls and monitors access to staff using the system.8. 7-Pleasing aesthetics with the availability of many colors, types of accessories, end panel choices, and carpet or tile to match or enhance your environment.
8- Additional mobile systems and static shelving or cabinets can be installed in front or the various other areas in the room to increase capacity for your centralized storage system.
9-.  An array of custom filing and storage accessories for mobile shelving such as rollout lateral drawers for drop filing, art racks for high end art storage, adjustable file dividers are available to match your unique storage needs.
10- All mobile shelving parts are made of steel is and durable and strong for many years of trouble-free service and use. Carriages, shelving, structural rail and all mobile shelving parts are built for decades of high performance and have a lifetime structural warranty.