Mobile Shelving Applications

High Density Inc. Mobile Shelving delivers the highest storage capacity per square foot of floor space. Any type of shelving including filing, library, clip, pallet rack or heavy duty industrial shelving is seismically secured to mobile carriages that travel effortlessly on rails. Non useful fixed aisles are eliminated and the result is dramatic storage increase in less space.

High Density Inc. Mobile Shelving Systems will be configured for your unique application. The modular design allows for flat/file shelves lateral roll-outs, mixed media drawers or custom engineered accessories. Choose from an array of components to store virtually anything!


• File Folders

• Medical Supplies

• Boxes

• Industrial Equipment

• Binder

• Weapons

• Books

• Pharmaceuticals

• Medical Records / X-Rays • Lab Specimens

• Digital Media

• Linens

• Museum Artifacts

• Food

• Supplies

• Inventories

Our focus is on practical solutions to save space, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs. As each customer project meets our target of 100% csatisfaction, our increasing list of clients in varied industries is always available for your review and confidence.