Cantilever Pallet Rack

Cantilever pallet racking systems are very cost effective and are ideal for the storage of pipes, lumber and furniture. Usually these systems are used when the item that needs to be stored is longer than a pallet. This system also allows for the stacking of large products that cannot be stacked on the floors, and require quick and easy access. High Density Inc. has many different types of pallet racking systems that suit your own company’s individual requirement. Pallet racking systems are also very affordable and versatile storage solutions


Features of a cantilever pallet racking systems:

The cantilever pallet racking system has the following features:

  • This system is ideally designed for the effective storage of products such as pipes, lumber, timbers, bar stocks, furniture and other similar items.
  • The system is usually constructed of high quality steel or its alloys that guarantee its sturdiness and durability.
  • The surface of this system can be rust proof, powder coated and also galvanized and many different color options are available.
  • The cantilever rack can be divided into a single sided rack or also a double sided cantilever rack.
  • The system is available with many carrying capacities which include light, medium and even heavy duty carrying capacities.
  • The system can be designed specific to the storage facility and client requirements. This depends upon the size of the warehouses, height, depth and width of shelves and also upon the number of shelving bays that are required.
  • Each layer has its own loading capacity and the shelving bays have a weight limit.

How does the cantilever pallet racking system work?

Cantilever racking systems are the most ideal systems for storing furniture, pipes, steel bars, tubing, timber, lumber and other heavy and long items that need to be kept off the floors. This system also helps in providing instant access to one piece or even to a full load.  With the help of a forklift, loads can be easily loaded or off-loaded. The system is modular in nature and this enables the addition of extra arms, braces and uprights. These may be added to the system as the storage requirements change. The arms of the cantilever system are the actual heart of the racking system. The correct selection of arms can help make the storage plan successful. High Density Inc. helps you make the most ideal selection when it comes to cantilever storage systems. The arm types include:

Straight arms: these are used for storing loads that are stable such as steel sheets, skids, lumber, steel and cartons.

Inclined arms: these are used to store cylindrical objects that usually roll forward such as pipes.

Pallet racking systems help you create the most efficient storage system. High Density Inc. offers reliable and sturdy pallet racking systems for storage in a variety of industries which include retail stores, pharmacies, hospitals, ware houses, cold storage facilities and banks. Products can be easily stored and removed with the help of pallet racking systems.