Bi-Files and Tri-Files

Bi-file shelving system:

The bi-file systems are ideal in case of limited space that requires the storage of files and other similar materials. The concept upon which this system has been created is rather simple, instead of the one shelving section or cabinet that was earlier placed in the same position; two are installed one behind the other. The shelf in the front has a movable carriage system and hence can be side to side this movement allows an access to the shelf at the back. In fact High Density Inc., SlideTrac System is one of its most popular systems in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and law firms. This means that you can get maximum storage capacity without having the storage systems occupy any extra space. Double or triple your capacity with these space saving systems.

Construction: The basic principle of constructing a modular bi-file system is to make sure that the installation and assembling is as simple as possible. The floor of the system is lightweight and the rail allows for smooth sliding when one aisle has to be moved. All these components make the system easy to manage when relocating or repositioning it later.

Tri file shelving system:

The tri-file system is built in the similar manner, the only difference lies in the fact that it consists of a three row storage system instead of two.

The carriage housing not only allows for optimal storage capacity but can also be used with the incorporation of the preexisting storage shelves and cabinets. The ideal feature of these carriage housing is the fact that they are optimal in terms of functionality as well as attractiveness. Additional carriages, cabinets, or shelving can be incorporated into these systems for extended usage and greater storage density as required.

How does the system work?

The concept upon which the system has been created is very simple. It involves two shelves, one stationary and the other one, which is in front, is movable. The movable shelf can move back and forth in order to gain access to the one at the back and hence store items and materials. Once this is done, the movable shelf can be moved back into its original position. This system is ideal in premises with limited space, and yet it provides you with double or triples the storage capacity that you originally had.

Both bi and tri file shelves can be made in various different sizes and types of shelving based on the requirements of the clients. Whether the storage includes medical files and records, official documents, legal case folders, x-rays or any other media, these shelving types are the ideal choice for storage. They can be used in hospitals, banks, industries, police stations, retail supply stores, libraries, archives, industrial offices, schools and many other places. High density Inc. has some of the best lateral shelving systems that you can find.