Advantages of Mobile Shelving

High Density Inc. provides custom mobile shelving solutions to meet the unique storage shelving needs of a department, warehouse or office. During the on-site survey process High Density Inc.  measures the facility or proposed storage’s areas physical space and counts all commodities or files that are currently stored in cabinets or shelves.

Why should a shelving system be used?

Most warehouses, offices and industries have a limited amount of space. The cost for floor space in major metropolitan areas is high and rising. It is often critical to have all hard copy files or commodities in a central location for immediate access by all personnel. Mobile Shelving systems are able to utilize the space optimally and use the limited space to its best advantage.

 Mobile shelving has many advantages.

Some of the various uses of mobile shelving systems have been enlisted as follows:

  • Storing data and for archiving purposes
  • For storing medical records, patients’ folders as well as other important documents at hospitals
  • A complete account of all surgeries performed by doctors along with the patient information
  • Can be used in the retail sector for storage purposes for instance, for storing shoeboxes or hanging garments for display, as well as various other bulk storage applications
  • Ideal for use in libraries in schools, colleges and universities
  • Golf Bags
  • Museum paintings, drawings, and artifacts

There are many advantages associated with using mobile shelving systems for industrial, retail and office storage purposes; a few of these advantages have been discussed briefly as follows:

  • Increases the total capacity of the shelves and storage area
  • Helps in effectively reducing the number of storage units or aisles that would otherwise have been required for the same amount of merchandise/material
  • Completely durable and versatile
  • Entirely noiseless and smooth in operation
  • The ideal storage system in case of premises where are rent is high, but the overall space is limited
  • Cost effective storage solutions