Advantage of Pallet Racks

Advantage of Pallet Racks

Pallet rack systems have many advantages that they offer to industries, ware houses and other storage facilities. If a company has an immediate high weight, bulky storage solution in a short amount of time, they should opt for pallet racking systems. High Density Inc. has a wide range of pallet racking systems that you can choose from depending upon individual requirements. The following are some of the advantages that pallet racking systems have to offer:

Short installation period:

One of the main advantages of pallet rack systems is that these systems don’t take long to install and are very sturdy. The pallet racking systems are often very easy to assemble and don’t require a lot of time to get assembled. They help increase the storage capacity of a facility many fold.

Easy transfer to other facilities:

Another great advantage of the pallet rack system is that it is relatively simple to re-locate to other facilities if needed. If you want your pallet racking system to be transported to another facility, you can easily transport it.

Better product organization:

A comprehensive survey or you location and storage needs are performed by High Density Inc. prior to pallet racking being specified. For the organization of your products and bulky items to have an effective use of the space, the survey is critical to proposing the best solution. The layout and CAD can then be done rapidly and all aspects are easily recognizable. This actually reduces time and energy to get the project done right, so and organization is perfect. Overall the efficiency also increases across the board, especially in terms of the flow of operational processes.

Solves storage problems:

High Density Inc. has a huge range of pallet racking systems and accessories available that can solve all your storage problems that are especially designed specific to your individual business requirements. Pallet racking systems also increase the efficiency of distribution centers

Reduces storage space needs:

Pallet racking systems help reduce the need for additional storage facilities as they can help you utilize your distribution center to its best advantage. If your company has a huge storage requirement, simply by installing a pallet racking system, you can cut down your requirement of utilizing additional space and you can actually stock your entire product at one facility.

Pallet Rack and Wire Mesh Decking

If your products are small and need specialized on rack organization, pallet racking can be used in combination with wire mesh decking to keep your items dust free. These special pallet racking systems can accommodate cased as well as palletized goods. This system cuts down dust accumulation to a bare minimum and much faster and easier order picking environments can be produced this way. The wire mesh decking also allows much better water sprinkler coverage of products that are stored in case of a fire.

Eliminates wasted space:

Single row configurations of the racks help eliminate wasted space by allowing employees to pick products from both the sides of the rack.