Types of Storage Lockers

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Storage lockers are very important for storing personal items of employees in hospitals, law enforcement agencies, companies, factories and they are also used in schools and sports facilities. There are many types of locker designs available at High Density Inc. for you to choose from. Storage lockers can be of the following types:

Single tier lockers

These lockers provide the maximum space utilization for hanging clothes, coats and storing other belongings. Single tier lockers also consist of a shelf for storing items such as books, equipment and other articles.

Double tier lockers

These lockers can accommodate twice the number of people that single tier lockers can accommodate, within the same floor space. They also consist of hanging rods and shelves.

Multiple tier lockers

These lockers are also popularly known as “box lockers”. They are called “box lockers” since they consist of compact dimensions. These lockers are beneficial as they provide numerous users with storage space while using minimum floor space.

These lockers are usually available in three, four, five and six tier configurations. Multiple tier lockers are most ideal for the storage of athletic equipment and also for personal storage of employees. Each compartment can be padlocked or also locked with the help of built-in locking systems.

Seven and eight person lockers

Seven and eight person lockers are perfect for multiple users in institutions such as schools and sport clubs. They work best as gymnasium lockers. The locker consists of box compartments which can be used for the storage of personal items or athletic gear.

Dual lockers

Dual lockers are actually single tier lockers, which consist of vertical partitions that are separating the bottom half of the lockers into 2 separate compartments. This design is ideally used in those situations where street clothing have to be stored separate from work clothes, such as hospital scrubs, lab coats or protective clothing. This guarantees sterility of the work clothes and makes it easier for users to perform a quick change of clothing. These lockers are ideally suited for hospitals and industries.

Executive locker

The executive locker is a custom out fitted locker with a width of twenty four inches. This locker can offer multiple storage shelving, inner storage compartments that are lockable, and combination brush and comb trays with towel bars. This kind of locker is ideal for country clubs and sports clubs. Other locker accessories that are available also include acrylic mirrors, golf ball trays and special name card holders.

Wall mounted lockers with coat rods

These lockers are practical when space is limited. They consist of approximately four private compartments which have a hanging area for sixteen coats. These lockers can also be set on cabinets and counter. When they are mounted on the wall, the floor below is also kept clear for easy cleaning purposes.

Sixteen person lockers:

These lockers accommodate sixteen users in very limited floor space. Usually they also consist of 45 inch coat rods. These lockers are ideal for employee lockers in hospitals and industries. They can also be locked with the help of built in locks or pad locks.