Storage locker Accessories

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High Density Inc. has the best selection of storage lockers for you to choose from. You can find single tier, double tier and multiple tier lockers as well as specialized storage lockers that meet your storage requirements. High density Inc. is also home to many storage locker accessories as well. Here are a few storage locker accessories you can find:

Slopes and slope tops

Slope tops on top of lockers are ideally used instead of regular flat tops in order to prevent dust accumulation. These tops also discourage the utilization of locker tops as storage areas. Slope tops usually fit on top of the flat tops of the lockers. They can be used on lockers that are new, and also on older locker models. Usually these slope tops are cut to the length of the individual locker during installation, but readymade slope tops are also available. There are 3 different types of slope tops that you can find these are:

  • The unit slope top
  • The slope top kit
  • The slope hood

Locker fillers:

Locker fillers are available that can adapt to a wide range of lockers and field conditions as well. These fillers tend to provide the lockers with a professional and finished appearance. Locker fillers can be used to cove pipes, columns and other items or obstacles that are present in a row of lockers, and they can also fill gaps between lockers and walls.

Zee bases:

Zee bases are used to increase the height of lockers approximately four inches off the ground. These bases are made for lockers that have no wood or concrete base. Zee bases provide front toe space and a rear concealed flange for anchoring to the floor. These can’t be used in welded lockers.

Bench tops:

Bench tops or benches are usually made from hard wood which is finished with clear lacquer. These bench tops are exceptionally strong and pedestals can also be ordered.

Bench Pedestals

Bench pedestals can be ordered along with locker bench tops. These can be heavy duty pedestals made of hard wood or stainless steel pedestals that are free standing.


Storage lockers can have different types of locks, these include:

  • Built-in key locks
  • Combination locks
  • Padlocks
  • Card or coin locks

The locks can be ordered specific to your requirements.

Built-In Key Lock:

This lock can have flat keys or grooved keys. The lock can be obtained in many different types of key combinations and can also be keyed alike.
Built-in Combination Lock:

Built in combination lock lockers can have up to five different combination changes which are ideal for security. These are also Master Key controlled.

Combination Pad locks:

Combination pad lock lockers are available with master keying and can also be made without master keying. The combination pad lock is rust resistant.

Card/Coin Operated locks:

These locks are ideal for private and public applications as well that require high security. Usually these lockers are ideal for facilities that have multiple users which include public users such as country clubs, air ports, sports clubs etc.