High Density Inc. has conventional and mobile library shelving from United States and Europe’s quality manufacturers. A well-planned library includes a shelving layout with adequate space for collections and growth. This is the first step for proper specification of shelving. Cantilever and case style library shelving are both designed to bear heavy weight loading capacity and long term use while allowing decorative elements such as custom end panels to create the look that’s needed. All our shelving components are coated with a rich paint finish that accentuates beauty and gives lasting durability. A concealed leveling and seismic hardware system adapts to floor conditions for structural integrity, without using shims. All library shelving High Density Inc. represents exceeds all test criteria as required by the American Library Association.

Mobile library shelving is often used when volume count and limited space will not accommodate the library’s needs. Cantilever or case-style library shelving is mounted on carriages that move effortlessly on rails that are attached to the floor. Decorative end panels and custom flooring may be installed on the “false floor” that is installed to conform to ADA and ease of user access. Electrical Mobile Library Shelving has also been installed in libraries throughout California by High Density Inc. When access is high and user ergonomics is a priority, powered high density library shelving is the best choice for a public access library.

High Density Inc. stocks most common sizes and configurations that are pre-configured to meet your needs, or you may choose specific application specific components such as magazine racks, veneer end panels with the features you require to create a unique library shelving system for your requirements. Choose from various base, display and library media shelves. Depths, heights and proper aisle widths can be discussed with a High Density Inc. space planner.

Cantilever Library Shelving utilizes a durable, slotted, vertical uprights or columns, supported by a weight bearing base structure, from which shelves can be hung with brackets that are attached to create single-sided or double-side library shelving. The uprights are slotted in one-inch increments to allow simple height adjustment and re-positioning of the shelves. Standard configurations can be “dressed up” and may include a canopy tops and laminate or wood end panels. The base may be a closed base or an open base in its aesthetic detail.

Case-style library shelving refers to any style of shelving system that utilizes a closed full height panel that conceals joining connections. This type of library shelving will always have a closed base shelf, with a canopy top.  Case type library shelving has qualities similar to 4-Post shelving and is also constructed in single-sided and doubled-sided styles, and can be utilized with or without back panels however; if double-faced models are used without steel back panels, structural bracing must be added to the design.

Case-style library shelving has a modern clean lines and, and, for that reason, is most often  used in corporate libraries , workrooms or offices, where good looks  are more important  than  cost or flexibility requirements. When custom case-style shelving is specified by a library space planner or architect for new construction, they may call the shelving casework or millwork, and High Density Inc. would be pleased to help planning in this area.