Architects, designers, and facilities managers depend on High Density Inc. to provide expertise in shelving layout, floor loading issues, and proper specification of mobile shelving. When a new mobile storage system or another type of alternative shelving is replacing an existing file or storage system, High Density Inc. can provides services and removal of legacy equipment to make the transition smooth to the new systems. HDI utilizes California State Licensed Engineers to analyze floor load conditions and their impact on Mobile shelving design in terms of elevation and rail placement. High density Inc. also retains fire consultants that can help on fire code issues, sprinkler analysis, and building constraints that may bear upon the layout of mobile shelving, pallet racks, or other types of storage systems.

As a client of High Density Inc. you have a team partner who is committed to all parts of the project, from design phase to completion and beyond. “Over the top” functionality and delivering a project below budget is a prime goal.

High Density Inc. expertise includes:

• Developing site specific floor plans which reflect layout and functional alternatives

• Present elevation depth and capacity detail

• Review Fire Code and Building Code issues that impact design layout

• Conduct and coordinate visits to see similar applications at High Density Inc. clients

• have Licensed Engineers assist in floor loading and seismic analysis for California

• Attend meeting with client staff and departmental managers as needed for planning

• Arrange easy conversion from existing equipment to new systems.

With hundreds of satisfied references in California, Nevada, and Arizona, High density Inc. welcomes the opportunity to share our knowledge of customer applications to insure smooth functionality of your unique project.