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Mobile Shelving systems by High Density Inc. use your storage space optimally by increasing capacity and decreasing the floor space required for the items you need to store. An experienced representative can perform a no obligation free storage needs analysis at your facility, and provide detailed site specific plans showing capacity and space savings. Most offices, hospitals, and industries have a limited    amount of space for the essential items they need to store on premises. High Density Shelving or mobile shelving eliminates the non-useful aisles and can increase capacity up to 300% compared to conventional storage systems.

Movable Shelving Systems by provide you significantly more storage capacity per square foot of storage area. Shelving of any type which may include library shelving, industrial shelving, 4 post shelving, even cabinets can be anchored to carriages that move back and forth effortlessly on rails. Aisles that are normally used in a conventional shelving system are eliminated .Compact shelving are custom fabricated to your storage space, and will look smart and integrate into any working environment.

There are three basic modes of operation that are utilized to operate mobile aisle shelving:


  • End users open movable shelving aisles by pushing a button and computerized commands assist operations.
  • High Density Shelving of this type are designed for high access and maximum productivity
  • Mobile® Shelving Units have integrated state of the art  systems for users safety
  • Movable Shelving has programmable security which limits access to assigned users


  • End users open movable shelving aisles of up to 61 feet long by rotating drive wheels on the ranges.
  • Dual access is allowable and ergonomic drive handles may be installed on both access sides of the compact shelving
  • Locking carriages or floor locks are standard and are code compliant.
  • Safety floor can be installed on these movable shelving units.
  • Compact shelving end panels may be custom finishes including wood or laminate


  • End users move aisle by pushing handles that are mounted on range ends
  • Perfect for low activity, and geared for smaller mobile shelving systems
  • Budget oriented but requires greater end user effort to enter the compact shelving

The modular design of high density mobile shelving allows the mobile shelving to be configured to your unique storage application. You can even retain legacy methods of filing such as lateral rollout drawers for top tab filing. Mixed media drawers can store a wide variety of different types of storage. Storage is done your way, and our customers choose from an array of components to store virtually anything. For instance, as a museum director you may have your movable storage consist of  art racks or drawers for specimens. An athletic director may need uniforms of golf bags stored in less space. High Density Inc. mobile aisle systems save space, increase worker productivity, and ultimately reduce operating costs.

When you choose High Density Inc, you gain a trusted partner who works with our clients every step of the way—from initial concept to project completion .Call 1877 HI DENSITY for more information.